DIY Dream Catcher Wall Hanging-Be Inspired Lifestyle

DIY Dream Catcher Wall Hanging-Be Inspired Lifestyle

If you're wanting to create a rustic chic look in your living room, embrace the boho vibe in your bedroom or even a whimsical nursery for your babe. This dream catcher wall is the ultimate statement piece. You can pay over $500 online for one of these or make your own with up-cycled and thrifted materials! 



Large stick for hanging



Doilies (sizes and colors can vary depending on your color palette)

Embroidery hoops 

Color stain (optional)

Ribbon,lace, fabric, string feathers (have fun with this)



1. Lay out your hoops in the approximate position you want them and fit your doilies. 

2. Stain your hoops (this is optional) I stained 3 for some variety.

3. Cut your strips from up-cycled fabric, ribbon, lace etc.

4. Tie your doilie to your embroidery hoop with twine.

5. Tie your strips to the bottom of the hoop. 

6. Add feathers by tying them to your strips.


The great thing about this project is the ability to use sentimental fabrics, doilies, or laced passed down. I thrifted the majority of my materials for this particular wall hanging. It would be extra special if I could have used a doilie from my grandmother.  The kids loved helping to cut the fabric strips and tie on the doilies.


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